Mark Chamberlen
Business Coach

Welcome to my website. I’m Mark Chamberlen, a goal orientated executive coach and mentor working with individuals to encourage  acceptance of change, and with businesses to demonstrate the importance of a more inclusive mindset.

I know how to meet life challenges, and make a success out of changing direction. I’ve been a paralympic skier, a headhunter with a global firm, and am now coach to a diverse portfolio of clients. I qualified as a business coach through Meyler Campbell, accredited by WABC and ECF, which is affiliated to The Law Society and London Business School!

You can come to me for all aspects of personal development, either as individuals, leaders or members of teams. I’m told my coaching can be life changing. Why not start a conversation or find out a bit more about me in the video below.

For as long as I can remember, I have always taken a keen interest in what makes people tick.

Mark Chamberlen - Business Coach London


My coaching objective is to empower my clients by tapping in to their own resourcefulness and capability to resolve work issues. My aim is to work collaboratively to establish a direction of travel that creates a manageable and compelling path for the future.

The starting point may be a senior professional considering a total change in direction, or a team leader wanting to address perceived shortfalls in their management style. Possibly someone finding it difficult to navigate a safe path through the choppy waters of internal politics, or a client with confidence issues in a changing work landscape.

I typically help individual clients to embrace and respond to change in the workplace by:

  • Establishing a base line of current circumstance
  • Creating a new career roadmap following an unexpected redundancy or other life change
  • Evaluating stakeholder engagement in pursuit of greater expertise managing upwards and down
  • Understanding how to de-sensitize a response to negative feedback about management style while creating a clear and collaborative way forward
  • Being objective about strengths and weaknesses and foster the idea that it is ok to ask for help

I have also leveraged my own experience of sight loss to help organisations to develop an inclusion mind set by;

  • Leading peer learning sessions to demonstrate the importance of being inclusive
  • Devising and leading workshops to articulate the business benefits of better Diversity, Equality and Inclusion
  • Creating road maps identifying the must haves and the nice to haves in a more inclusive environment
  • Articulating how better inclusion will effect available talent pools and future resources
  • Generating better understanding and ultimate acceptance of difference in the workplace

I have the utmost respect for my clients, paying close attention to the difference between contracting with them as individuals or employees. If contracting with a company on behalf of an individual I emphasize the importance of transparency, and ensure that expectations are aligned in relation to reporting back on outcomes. Confidentiality trust and empathy are at the heart of CCS.

Mark Chamberlen - Business Coach London

What I do

Going the extra mile to create a memorable and reassuring experience is my priority.

We start with an initial chemistry session to establish rapport. We aim to end up with a programme agreed, and a sense of the number of sessions required and how we’ll approach them. A typical coaching session lasts between 1.5 and 2 hours. I will generally take notes as we go and reflect them back in a coaching report. You can then amend, add or change anything as you see fit in order to end up with a reference document that can be used going forward. I offer a minimum of three sessions, typically three to four weeks apart, with further sessions subsequently agreed.

The starting point is the first meeting.

You can call me on +44 (0) 7979 545595 or email me so we can arrange our first fact finding conversation about what you want me to help you achieve.

As a Visually Impaired professional with almost 30 years’ experience working within the changing landscape of recruitment and executive search, I am acutely aware of the increasing requirement to field a diverse workforce. Rather than focussing on gender and ethnicity, through CCS, I encourage attention to the disability agenda.

Why is the ratio of disclosed disability in the FTSE so low? How can businesses change what they are doing to educate their staff to create a more seamless rout in for disabled people; Where might high potential disabled talent be hiding, and why isn’t it showing itself. These are some of the questions that CCS seeks to address on behalf of its clients.


Coaching for different people with different needs

“Coaching is deeply personal and requires an almost chameleon-like approach to different people with different needs – but underpinned by trust, achingly honest feedback and being ready to take them to places they have avoided as it’s in the ‘too hard’ place. I think that you nail the essence of good coaching for any individual wanting to explore personal or professional development.”


Post COVID-19 coaching

“You have a lovely and engaging style offering support for those that want it and without any pushy or disingenuous statements which I see far too often (and markedly avoid). I think that you have thought about the current (COVID-19) situation beautifully and tapped into the feeling that so many of us have had during this period – that whilst in very unpleasant circumstances, we have been given a gift of space and time, to stop and think. If we are not going to re-evaluate and explore making changes now, when will we? Change whilst scary for a lot of people can be so good and we all need a safe space to explore the possibilities.”



“When I was unsure whether I should take the role of Director of my local Samaritan branch, I turned to Mark. His caring, warm and empathic style helped me to clarify exactly what I wanted and how to achieve it. Three years later I returned to Mark for help and once again, with his gentle help and support, I reached decisions and implemented plans from which I am now reaping the rewards.”

Shona Synnott | Former Branch Director, Inner South West London Samaritans

News Journalist

“I was thinking more creatively about my future even after my first “getting to know you” coffee with Mark. He made it very easy for me to open up about both current corporate challenges and my personal aim to develop a more varied portfolio career. Behind Mark’s charm and empathy is a sharp strategic brain, and a determination to make sure you walk away with clearly defined goals plus practical first steps. He’s not afraid to tell you if you haven’t got there yet! Above all, Mark made me more confident in my own abilities, and more able to separate out what I can’t control, from what I can and will change.”

PT | Senior International News Journalist

Institute of Masters of Wine

“Mark is a marvellous coach who seems to have a magical ability to rationalise the unexpected while guiding his clients to thoughtful solutions, whatever their experience or expertise. I have seen him support and lead so many disparate people and would recommend his services in any circumstance.”

Penny Richards | Executive Director, Institute of Masters of Wine


“I have worked with Mark for more than 15 years. Primarily as Head Hunter, and more recently as Business Coach. In all the time I have known him he has conducted himself in a professional, insightful and trustworthy fashion. His knowledge of Professional Services and the key players within it is complemented by a genuine interest in the people he works with and a desire to achieve the best cultural fit. Throughout my own career I have benefited from Mark’s guidance on a number of occasions and applaud his change of focus. As a business coach his intuitive and methodical approach schooled my thinking as I considered my own next move.”

GW | Professional Services Partner recently moved from IBM to Cap Gemini

I’ve worked for…

CT Partners 1
Channel 4 1
Yorkshire tv 1
Robert Walters 2 1

and in these sectors…


  • Professional Services
  • Financial Services
  • Oil & Gas
  • Life Sciences
  • Retail
  • Public Sector Including Charities

Other Services

I’ve always been inspired by the human journey, and over years have learned many ways and avenues to support it

Other services I offer:

Transition coaching – career counselling and crafting working strategies to implement a job search.

Preparing for job interviews, writing CVs and working out the most effective ways to articulate skills and experience.

Personal impact analysis to achieve optimal stakeholder management.

Performance improvement in the constituent elements of being a good recruiter.

Other training I’ve had:

Delivering PHSE teaching to a Putney junior school

Trained to be a Samaritan.

I’m here

Mark Chamberlen
Business Coach

Mobile: +44 (0) 7979 545 595